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The exhibition shows three-dimensional reproductions of diseased body parts in the form of moulages produced in Zurich. The special technique of making moulages provides fascinatingly real-looking results in body size. 
Today, the collection again serves as a teaching collection for medical students. Information in the showcases of the permanent and special exhibitions illustrates additional meanings the moulages have acquired over the course of history.

Disease Patterns
In the museum, moulages of skin diseases and surgical results are exhibited with short accompanying texts that are understandable for the medical layperson. The permanent exhibition shows important skin diseases. In addition, historically significant and nowadays rare diseases can also be seen.


Special exhibitions

The Zurich wax moulages are also on loan in exhibitions abroad, in small special exhibitions in other museums or at congresses. Only about one third of the more than 2000 moulages can be shown in the museum room. Temporary special exhibitions make it possible to dynamically design the exhibition and demonstrate the versatility of the moulages.