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Abbildung Flyer Hunder Blicker auf ein Püggeli

Hundert Blicke auf ein Püggeli
Museale Wachsmoulagen in der modernen Lehre
(One hundred looks at a pimple - Wax moulages in modern teaching)

M. Geiges, Zurich 2012


Brochure accompanying the dermatological teaching collection in the Museum of Wax Moulages. Richly illustrated and easily accessible overview of today's skin diseases.

96 pages, colour photos, 25 CHF, only available in German

Dreidimensional Dokumente

Dreidimensionale Dokumente
Moulagen zeigen Tierversuche, Selbstversuche und klinische Forschung
 (Three-dimensional Documents - Moulages show animal experiments, self-experiments and clinical research)

M. Geiges, R. Holzer; Zurich 2006

Brochure accompanying a temporary exhibition in the Museum of Wax Moulages. The importance of wax moulages in dermatological research (1918 - 1950), numerous impressive patient stories, reports on animal experiments and self-experiments. 

56 pages, colour photos, only available in German - Out of Stock

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