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"Lange Nacht" at the Moulagenmuseum

What the mask can hide...

Moulage wearing a mask

During the Corona pandemic, wearing a hygiene mask temporarily became the new normal. For most, it was and remains an unpleasant new accessory, but sometimes the protective mask also provides an opportunity to hide disturbing medical reports. The Moulage Museum shows the realistic wax replicas of changes in the skin, mouth and teeth that could and still can be revealed behind a mask in earlier times - supplemented with historical and contemporary stories, reports and facts about the hygiene mask itself.

Short lectures always on the hour. First lecture at 19:00, last lecture at 24:00.

As always, a snack and drinks buffet and cosmetic treats will be available for our visitors.

We look forward to your visit!

We offer guided tours at every full hour from 7 PM - 1 AM.



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Haldenbachstrasse 14
8091 Zürich
Public Transport: Tram 9/10 until "Haldenbach"

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